I’m in for 2024

Currituck, N.C. – State Senator Bobby Hanig,  a dedicated small business owner and committed public servant , has formally announced his intention to see re-election in 2024

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A leader for today

Senator Bobby Hanig is a highly regarded and staunch fiscal conservative leader in Eastern North Carolina, celebrated for his steadfast commitment to core principles that have greatly benefited his constituents and the state as a whole. With a focus on tax cuts, education, and conservative values, he has left a positive mark on North Carolina.

Senator Hanig’s dedication to fiscal responsibility is evident in his strong support for tax cuts that directly ease the financial burden on North Carolina families, fostering economic growth and making the state more appealing to families and businesses.

Education and the well-being of students and families are among his top priorities. His extensive service on key committees, such as Agriculture, Energy, Environment, and Education, has allowed him to secure pay raises for educators and advocate for vital resources for schools, enhancing the educational experience for North Carolina’s youth.

A fighter

In the face of economic challenges, particularly inflation, Senator Hanig remains a staunch conservative. He champions policies that promote fiscal responsibility and sustainable economic growth, mitigating the adverse effects of inflation on North Carolina’s citizens.

Senator Hanig’s dedication to his constituents is further exemplified by his service as a two-term chairman of the Currituck Board of Commissioners and two terms in the North Carolina House. His unwavering commitment to conservative principles, coupled with his background as an army veteran, make him a trusted and unwavering leader in the Senate, truly dedicated to the cause of fiscal conservatism.

After serving in the United States Army, Hanig settled in Currituck County, where he has lived for over 25 years. Hanig is a self-made small business owner who founded two companies. He grew a one-man operation into a business serving 400 properties on the Outer Banks. Prior to his service in the General Assembly, Hanig was the Chairman of the Currituck County Commission.

Hanig’s District 3 is a Conservative stronghold comprising ten diverse counties: Bertie, Camden, Currituck, Gates, Halifax, Hertford, Martin, Northampton, Tyrrell, and Warren. This expansive district represents a rich tapestry of communities, each with its unique characteristics and needs.